Monday, October 5, 2009

World of Warcraft: Creating Identities since 2004

World of Warcraft brings back fond memories for me because it was not only fun, it was addictive. It was unlike any game that I have played before in terms of it being so unbelievably massive. Even though I am three years sober (yay me!) from playing this game that became like a drug to me, I still kind of miss it because of its way of shaping our way of thinking in the game. This can be tied to the article that we read for class in that in the game we not only create a character but also, we create a race, profession, and a barrier against the rival faction (GO HORDE!!! :D) It really affects what you do in the game because you are defined by not only your race but also, your group. You need to watch out for the Alliance (they suck!) because they are out to not only get you but also your entire faction, as well. This game really create barriers and forces one to notice their surroundings in order to know how to comport yourself within the game. This game was really my first true experience with learning how to forget all the "rules" that I knew in the real world and learn a new set of them that only applied to the game and its world.

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